Unity Lenses  Unity Lenses provides the perfect solution to
help you see the moments that matter most
Unity digital lenses deliver the best vision experience possible. Using the latest in optics design engineering, Unity offers completely customized lenses for your unique visual needs. Unity lenses help you see the world with more clarity and comfort.
Unity Single Vision Lenses Sophisticated digital design for single vision lens wearers
If you wear lenses with only one field of vision, you have what’s called "single-vision". You’ll be either near-sighted (Myperopia) or far-sighted (Hyperopia). Unity Single Vision Lenses are a great fit. The technology that creates your lens provides incredible accuracy and clarity (imagine your HD television screen compared to your old television screen). Advances like this make everyday activities and chores easier to perform and all of life's little details that much more noticeable. 
What to expect with Unity Single Vision Lenses:
• Premium clarity
• Expanded fields of vision
• More precise prescription than traditional lenses
• Flexible fit to work in most frames, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses) 
Non-Digital-Traditional    Unity Digital Progressive
Non-Digital-Traditional   Unity Digital Progressive
Unity Progressive Lenses Helping you see near and far - the ultimate in design & comfort
Around the age of 40, many people find it increasingly difficult to read or see objects up close. Bifocals used to be the only solution for seeing both near and far with the same pair of glasses. Reading glasses offer a solution, but can be inconvenient, for those needing or having distance correction and needing a little help to see close up. With today’s advances in progressive lens technology, you can experience a completely smooth transition seeing close, far, and everywhere in the middle with no more of those distracting bifocal lines or having to switch between a pair for distance and a pair for reading.
What to expect with Unity Single Vision Lenses:
• Smooth transition between near, middle, and distance viewing for optimal vision at any distance
• Eliminate the distracting lines separating your near and distance prescriptions
• Deliver a more precise prescription than traditional lenses
• Customize your reading vision zone
• Fit nearly every frame, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses)
Traditional Progressives    Unity Digital Lenses   Unity Digital Lenses   Unity Digital Lenses
Traditional Progressives   Unity Digital Lenses   Unity Digital Lenses   Unity Digital Lens
Unity Performance Coatings Reduce reflection, smudges, scratches & increase UV Protection
Advanced lens surface coatings allow you to prevent scratches, reduce reflection and smudges, increase UV protection, and even make cleaning easier. Adding a Unity Performance Coating lens enhancement may also decrease eye fatigue and irritation, and can extend the life of your lenses.
• Reduce glare and reflections. Let people see the real you, not the reflection of the lights above. This also improves night driving and even eliminates those annoying reflections of your own eyes.
• Lessen smudges and scratches. Most lenses can scratch easily, especially if you’re rough on them. Protect your lenses for everyday wear to extend their life.
• Clean easily. Accidently got a fingerprint on your lens? One quick wipe will take care of it.
• Provide complete UV protection. Unity Performance Coatings are available with UVR Technology to reduce UV reflections from surfaces like sidewalks and windows.
Unity Coated   Unity Coated   Unity Coated
Unity Coated   Unity Coated   Unity Coated
Unity Uncoated   Unity Uncoated   Unity Uncoated
Unity Uncoated   Unity Uncoated   Unity Uncoated

Wrap Lenses
Unity Wrap Lenses are designed to provide you exceptional visual clarity without limiting their choice for frames that are curved or wrapped.

Unity Via Wrap
Unity Via Wrap is specifically designed to be used in sport or high curvature frames. This lens brings all the benefits of  Unity Via Plus to a design compensated for the effect of a high base curve, to deliver exceptional visual clarity at all distances. With an extra wide distance visual field, this lens is ideal for patients who participate in outdoor activities or who want to purchase a frame with a wide wrap.

Unity Via OfficePro
Unity Via OfficePro is a workplace lens designed around the breakthrough Unity Via technology that made progressive lenses easy to fit and customize. Unity Via OfficePro takes the guesswork out of computer lenses, automatically calculating the intermediate and near zones which ensures your computer monitor stays in the visual sweet spot without any extra effort.

Unity Via Elite
Unity Via Elite provides the ultimate in progressive performance, delivering a premium personalized lens with the full complement of intelligent technology. This progressive lens ticks all the boxes for anyone who demands the most out of their lenses and their vision.

Unity PLxtreme
Unity PLxtreme incorporates all the benefits of Unity PLxtra into a performance lens for wrap frames for less peripheral  distortion and increased clarity in line of sight.

Unity SVxtreme
Providing the same performance benefits of PLxtreme, SVXtreme is the single vision solution for wrap frames.

Mobile Lenses
Unity Mobile Lenses are specifically designed to improve vision and comfort while reading on electronic devices. These lenses  take into consideration the unique visual requirements of prolonged mobile device usage and provide solutions that reduce eye  fatigue without compromising overall clarity.

Unity Via Mobile
Unity Via Mobile is the ideal progressive lens for patients using digital devices four or more hours each day. This design  incorporates all the benefits of Unity Via Plus Lenses, plus additional features developed specifically for the needs of  electronic device users:
• Wide visual fields for both near and distance vision
• Smooth transitions between visual fields
• A shorter progression profile and a closer near working distance to increase visual comfort when viewing digital devices such  as smartphones (typically held closer than printed reading materials)
• An extra addition of 0.125D in the near vision area to deliver extra magnification when reading the small font on digital  device screens

Unity PLx and Unity PLxtra Mobile
Unity PLxtra Mobile and PLx Mobile Progressive Lenses have been optimized for this shorter near viewing distance that mobile users need. Unity Mobile Progressives provide increased magnification in the near vision area, increased visual acuity and reduced eye fatigue for overall improved visual comfort without compromise to the rest of the prescription. 
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